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современные материалы для ремонта квартиры

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г.   Norwegian mass-start The final race of the last lap but one of World Cup was held on Sunday in Holmenkollen, Norway. Ivan Tcherezov confidently passed through four shooting sessions without any miss. Being in the head throughout the race, he couldn’t compete in speed with such aces of biathlon as Sven Fischer (without misses), Raphael Poiree (the single miss) and Ole Einar Bjorndalen (two misses) who won the first three podiums. Furthermore, the 1st and the 2nd places were distributed according to fotofinish and preference was given to Norwegian Ole Einar Bjorndalen who beat his opponent in 0,1 second. The 2nd place won Frenchman Raphael Poiree and the 3rd prize took German Sven Fischer. Ivan Tcherezov finished 35 seconds after leaders, thus took the 4th place. Summarizing everything up, we can say that Ivan Tcherezov showed the best result among our Russian sportsmen. Maxim Tchoudov became the 10th with four misses (0 1 3 0), 15 – Nikolay Kruglov (0 0 1 1), 16 – Sergei Rozhkov (0 1 1 1). Dmitri Iarochenko didn’t manage to finish the race.

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